Michiyo Honma concert 7nd of February 2014 in Tokyo
Japanese and Danish music for Harpsichord

Michiyo Honma, harpsichord (cembalo) and Tomoya Kikuchi, cello play music by Suzuki Haruyuki, Tanaka Satoshi, Bo Andersen, Per Norgard, Yngve Jan Trede and Hans-Henrik Nordstrom.

Michiyo Honma concert February 7, 2014 in Tokyo Japanese and Danish music for HarpsichordThe concert take place:

Hall: Ryogoku Monten Hall

Date: February 7, 19:00 in UTC 2014 in Tokyo

1. Suzuki Haruyuki Punctuation Ⅵ (2009)
2. Tanaka Satoshi Succession Ⅲ (2001)
3. Bo Andersen Fugitive Encounter in the
    Form of a Sort of Scherzo (2006)
4. Per Norgard Gemini rising (1990)
5. Yngve Jan Trede Ground for Harpsichord (1987)
6. Hans-Henrik Nordstrom Imaginations (2002)
7. Hans-Henrik Nordstrom Incursione
    for Violoncello e Cembalo (2013) world premiere

Michiyo Honma explain her relationship to Danish Music.

In 1994, Ib Norholm composed "A PATH OF SNOW AND CREAKING, WINTER MUSIC Op, 134", which is a harpsichord solo, for my recital.

Since then, I have been playing contemporary harpsichord works by Danish composers. I'm already playing the works of Mr. Yngve Jan Trede in 1996. I'm going to play together all the works of Mr. Yngve Jan Trede.

And I have had valuable experiences such like holding concert two times in Danmark and CD recording by SteepleChase.

This time, I honor to introduce a new contemporary work "FURARI" by Mr. Hans-Henrik Nordstrom.

Last year, I performed a recital in Susa Festival in Denmark and at the time I commissioned to Mr. Hans-Henrik Nordstrom this new work for cello and harpsichord. It was titled "Incursion" and it was entitled "FURARI" in Japanese.

It is easy to find some combination works of cello and harpsichord in Baroque period. However in the contemporary music world, as far as i know, there is not works for the combi.

At the concert in 2014, I will also perform some harpsichord music by Haruyuki Suzuki and Satoshi Tanaka, they are excellent japanese composers.

Contact Michiyo Honma:  mh.concert @ gmail.com

1994年、Ib Norholm氏にチェンバロソロ曲「A PATH OF SNOW AND CREAKING,WINTER MUSIC Op.134」を作曲
今回はデンマークの現代音楽作曲家 Hans-Henrik Nordstrom氏の新作をご紹介します。
ありませんでした。昨年デンマークのSusa Festivalでリサイタルをした折に氏に依頼し作曲されたのが「Incursione」です。日本語で「ふらり」と題されています。日本の優れた作曲家である鈴木治行、田中聰のチェンバロ曲も演奏します。

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